Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Amazing Kez and Haylz

When I first met Kez and Haylz, Kez was a bridesmaid at a wedding that I had photographed (you might remember Monica and Stuart?). She was a laugh a minute, and such a genuine person - I could see why Monica was her friend. Kez actually saved my butt - I had sat down my last blank CF Card for my camera (storage) and turned my back for quite literally, two minutes - only to find that the table I had sat it on - was gone. My heart leapt into my throat - I only had 3 images left before my current card was full - and they still hadn't thrown the bouquet. Argggghhhhh!!!!! Kez MUST have seen the panicked look in my eyes and offered to help find it. After about 5 minutes of crawling around a dark dancefloor on our hands and knees - Kez found it. Yaaaaayyyy!!!!

I know this may seem like such a trivial story to most people - but to me - it meant everything. I have never forgotten her kindness. She took me from heart attack to happy in 5 minutes flat. That's just the best thing since sliced bread in my books.

When Kez sent me an email recently asking to do a photoshoot - I thought "YAY" - I get to say thankyou again. I called her soon after to talk about the shoot - and to find out what exactly she had in mind and what to expect. But what I didn't expect to do was break down and cry a little after the call. Kez had told me she had Breast Cancer, and was wanting to do the photoshoot to "celebrate her baldness". She wanted to show Cancer that she was kicking butt, and taking no prisoners! Hell yeah!

To say I admire Kez, is an understatement. To me, she personifies that song by Helen Reddy "I Am Woman" - especially that line "I am woman - hear me roar!". Kez was one of the ladies who instigated "Pink Days" at the Dubbo Base Hospital - where everyone would wear pink scrubs on certain days of the week. This little campaign has helped immensely to raise awareness - with an article in the Photo News. Through it all has been Kez's rock and pillar of support - her partner Haylz. Together, they are a pretty amazing team.

So - thankyou Kez and Haylz for asking me to take your photos. I am honoured!

Gorgeous makeup by Danielle Peace Artistry. Lighting Assistant - the awesome Candice Locke.