Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Landscape? What Landscape? { Dubbo Photographer }

Well.... let it be said, before all witnesses present - that I am NOT a Landscape photographer. I just really don't "get" it. My passion is people and faces and giggles and laughter and tears and smoochies and big cheesy grins and er... well - you get the point. BUT. I am learning. Growing.

My Cousin, Lyndal Cook, DOES have a passion for it. So - in the interest of being sociable (and being able to yak the ear off of someone about Photography BESIDES my long suffering Husband) I tagged along. You know - I didn't think I would enjoy it. But - surprise, surprise - I did! I think some of Lyndal's enthusiasm rubbed off - just a bit.

Now - the editing aspect on the other hand.... I just couldn't stop myself. I apologise for any landscapes that may resemble the surface of Jupiter. I know I may have committed 1000 different crimes against landscape photography, but I just "had to" put my stamp on them. So - enjoy - or not - here they are! :D

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